A network for educational and experimentation purposes.

I mean for fun.


🔀 Internet Exchanges

Name IPv4 IPv6 Speed
LOCIX Dusseldorf 2a0c:b641:701::13:3846:1 1000 mbps

📜 Peering Policy

Currently, AS133846 is under Open policy.

If you want to peer with me, just send me an email with your details.

But wait, I do have some rules:

  1. No peering over tunnel.
  2. You shall have an up-to-date PeeringDB entry, with a working contact email just in case.
  3. Only announce prefixes authorized to you. RPKI or authoritative IRR objects are required.
  4. Don't set default or static route to me.

🪃 Route Propagation


IPv4 Route Propagation


IPv4 Route Propagation

🔗 Links

✉️ Contact

noc [at] 133846 [dot] xyz